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Tianlong's "Energy-saving and environmentally friendly air cushion and tubular belt conveyor system key technology" and "Belt conveyor for tunnel engineering" projects passed the scientific and techno

2018-03-06Author : admin

On March 6, 2018, the "Energy-saving and environmentally friendly air cushion and tubular belt conveyor system key technology" and "A belt conveyor for tunnel engineering" project achievement appraisal meeting was held at Henan Tianlong Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., the meeting was invited Experts from China Mechanical Engineering Society Mei Yi, Lu Daming, Wang Ying, Wang Jisheng, Duan Qi, Meng Wenjun, Zhou Yun, Song Weigang, etc. participated. Group Chairman Cheng Qingfeng, Group Chief Engineer Song Erhu, Tianlong Company Vice Chairman Liu Xindai, Guo Jinxing, general manager of Tianlong Company, and related technical personnel participated in this appraisal meeting.

Firstly, accompanied by Cheng Qingfeng, Chairman of Cologne Group, Song Erhu, Chief Engineer, Liu Xindai, Vice Chairman of Tianlong Company, and Guo Jinxing, General Manager of Tianlong Company, the experts of the appraisal committee inspected the operation site and air cushion of the 1800 bandwidth prototype and 600 diameter prototype on the spot. Machine test bench and so on.

   Next, Tianlong Technology Minister Wang Ziqi explained and reported the innovation and improvement points in the design of the two projects, and the experts of the appraisal committee carefully reviewed the relevant technical information. After inquiries and discussions, the appraisal committee believes that the two results are highly innovative, have completely independent intellectual property rights, form relevant technical standards, and realize the energy-saving, environmental protection, and intelligence of transportation equipment and the long-distance and small turning of tunnel transportation equipment. , The storage belt is large, and the online connection is not stopped. The overall technology has reached the domestic first-class level and passed the appraisal smoothly. Experts also suggested that the scope of application of the results should be further increased.

   The approval of these two scientific and technological achievements shows that Tianlong has made great progress in research and development technology. Next, Tianlong will increase the promotion and application, lead the market with technology, and lay a solid foundation for Tianlong's research and development.