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New Taihang THE480-143.5 power supply system supporting Geely pure electric logistics vehicle enters the 306th batch of announcement catalog

2018-03-19Author : admin

The Geely pure electric logistics vehicle supporting the THE480-143.5 power system has entered the 306th batch of announcement catalogues, announcement number: DNC5045XXYBEV02. This marks the most important step for the No. 1 project of New Taihang Company in 2018.

       Since October 2017, the THE480-143.5 power system has been designed and tested by various schemes, and finally obtained customer approval, and successfully equipped with Geely pure electric logistics vehicles, and completed the announcement test and entered the announcement catalog.

     It was announced that the new Taihang company has only completed the first phase of the goal. If we want to obtain bulk orders, we need to make outstanding performances in two aspects, namely, stable and reliable quality, and cost-price advantages. In order to ensure the quality, the project team is busy with the 1-2-2-5 verification before the batch to ensure that the qualified batch supply conditions are available in April. All departments of the company systematically carried out cost reduction and efficiency improvement work at the same time, and went all out to ensure the realization of the Geely No. 1 project order goal and create favorable conditions for the company's development.