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Henan Kelong Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of Xinxiang City Star Industrial Enterprise

2017-12-19Author : admin

Recently, it was learned from the website of Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government that according to the “Decision of Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government on Appointing Our City’s 2017 Star-rated Industrial Enterprises”, Henan Kelong Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. was rated as a star-rated industrial enterprise by Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government. Received 50,000 yuan in reward funds.

   In 2017, the air-conditioning industry grew by 20% as a whole, and the entire supply chain had a relatively large growth. Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. seizes development opportunities in time, earnestly implements the requirements of the group, transforms and upgrades its products, and enhances the level of industrial development. All work is aimed at completing production and operation indicators. Through the automation of production and manufacturing processes, the transformation of sales models and technological integration Improved quality management capabilities, coupled with nearly stringent cost and risk control measures, enabled Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.** to complete the group's annual outline indicators in 2017. The results of this selection have enabled the company’s image, grade and technical level to enter a higher platform. At the same time, preparations for the selection of high-tech enterprises by refrigeration technology companies are being carried out. A series of enterprise selection activities will further strengthen the company’s innovation capabilities and improve Enterprise market competitiveness.

   In 2018, the refrigeration technology company will continue to implement the "large customer strategy", expand the market to maximize revenue, internally promote lean to improve profitability, and take a key first step to achieve the three-year plan goal and lay a solid foundation.